Satisfactory [adjective]

Definition of Satisfactory:

acceptable, sufficient

Synonyms of Satisfactory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satisfactory:

Sentence/Example of Satisfactory:

Here too experience has afforded us the most satisfactory proof in its favor.

We do not understand them at all, but they are highly soothing and satisfactory.

Cheap jars are likely to be seconds and will not prove so satisfactory.

(a) What are the requirements for satisfactory types of jars?

Kingozi, watching her closely, seemed to see in this only a satisfactory symptom.

Sir John hoped so, but the proofs were not yet satisfactory.

Physically speaking, so far the result has been satisfactory.

Now here was a satisfactory boy, on the spot, whom he could teach, and have to steer for him.

The preservation of 'free soil for free men,' will alone be satisfactory.

This was an honor as unexpected by him as it was satisfactory to the people.