Delighting [verb]

Definition of Delighting:

make happy; experience happiness

Synonyms of Delighting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delighting:

Sentence/Example of Delighting:

In this episode, we share a pair of stories about people finding unexpected delight in the wilderness—having remarkable days that they didn’t really plan for and that changed them in ways they never imagined.

Equally, some of the most essential elements for science are passion and delight at the sheer, absurd wonder of it all.

In short, Oregon State’s 41-38 triumph was a delight, unless you were the Ducks.

Later, on her social feeds, she shared it had been a surprise, unexpected delight in a difficult time.

Maybe it’s different when you have more people and a larger government, but with a little over 2,000 people in our village, it’s a delight to just be helping people.

And the whole scene was all bathed in spring sunlight, which the birds, delighting in, made into a vast concert hall.

By day he sometimes loved to watch the little street below, delighting in the motion and color of passing groups.

She is looking out gladly through the dripping windows and delighting in all the ugliness.

Collot D'Herbois had a personal motive of a singular nature for delighting in the task intrusted to him and his colleagues.

They are barbarians, roving from place to place, without habits of industry, and delighting in war.