Tolerable [adjective]

Definition of Tolerable:

acceptable, good enough

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerable:

Sentence/Example of Tolerable:

"Mr. Langdon has a tolerable idea of what I think," answered Porter.

And as when soldiers are numerous, there will be not a few who are only tolerable, if even that, so of critics.

Pray, have they tolerable accommodations at the inn in this village?

And how, my dear, can one report it with any tolerable advantage to you?

Yet once established in the trenches, life was tolerable enough.

Yet his imprisonment had been rendered as tolerable as possible.

The water is then drained off, the bread bruised fine, and mixed with as much new milk as will make it of a tolerable consistence.

Mix all as quick as possible, put it into very small pattipans, and bake in a tolerable warm oven, under twenty minutes.

Boil it up to a tolerable thickness; then add sugar, half a pint of good table beer, and a glass of gin, all heated up together.

The end of his first chapter is the only tolerable point that he has made.