Average [adjective]

Definition of Average:

normal, typical

Opposite/Antonyms of Average:

Sentence/Example of Average:

That is roughly in line with a Post average of recent polls from the state that put Biden’s advantage at seven points.

FiveThirtyEight’s average of state polls at the end of the 2016 race gave Clinton a five-point lead in Wisconsin and an eight-point lead in Minnesota.

Since the lockout of 2004-05, five cup winners have averaged fewer goals per game.

The Wisconsin poll is consistent with other recent polls in the state, with The Post’s average showing Biden’s margin at seven points, narrower than in midsummer but not much different from what it was immediately after the GOP convention.

That is a somewhat larger margin than a Washington Post average of recent polls in the state, which shows Biden’s lead to be seven percentage points.

On average, children spent at least 50 days at psychiatric hospitals beyond medical necessity, he said.

Food delivery service DoorDash says moving its data to Snowflake in early 2019 has doubled the average speed of a data request at half the cost of its old system.

Buffalo, New York, may feel in a few decades like Tempe, Arizona, does today, and Tempe itself will sustain 100-degree average summer temperatures by the end of the century.

It had fallen to the bottom of its 10-year range—indicating an extreme level of positive sentiment—but after the correction has already recovered to “about average” levels, the team said.

Now, Patel’s sales are just $200 a day, down from $700 on average pre-pandemic — which means he’s losing as much as $1,000 per month on the operation, with foot traffic still a fraction of what it used to be.