Outstanding [adjective]

Definition of Outstanding:

superior, excellent

Opposite/Antonyms of Outstanding:

Sentence/Example of Outstanding:

Of the world as it is the outstanding fact is the necessity for struggle.

Hector Hall had come to collect his outstanding account at last.

He arranged them first this way and then that way, but there was always about a dozen outstanding.

Challenges of this kind to inventiveness and activity are outstanding all the time.

Although there are a number of variations, two outstanding types are recognizable.

In fact, all these fellows are of the very best, and of outstanding intelligence.

It would force them to draw in outstanding loans for ready cash.

He was grinning from one huge, outstanding ear to the other.

Consequently, He will not call in his outstanding debts severely.

Mr. Toombs opposed the policy of buying the outstanding debt at a premium.