Ace [adjective]

Definition of Ace:

exhibiting expertise in some activity

Synonyms of Ace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ace:

Sentence/Example of Ace:

Meanwhile, Montas has looked like an ace with a splitter he added that produced the fifth-best whiff-per-swing mark of its kind last season.

Staff ace Max Scherzer has enjoyed seven-straight top-five Cy Young finishes and shows little sign of slowing.

A sleeper NL Cy Young candidate is ace Chris Paddack, who was limited to 140 ⅔ innings as a rookie last season by the cautious Padres.

Do you have a high ACE score — adverse childhood experiences.

There’s also the fact that painkillers are, by their nature, a desirable medication — they literally make your pain stop — so you can imagine patients demanding them a bit more adamantly than they’d demand a statin or an ACE inhibitor.

He has drawn a knave and a six; he takes another card; this turns out to be an ace.

It must be an ace or a king and queen above the average if only two suits are protected.

Without an ace, four kings, two queens and a knave are required in order to justify the declaration.

With three honours any two of which are in sequence (not to the ace) the player should lead the higher of the sequence.

The worst throw was when the four pieces exposed the same number on each, and that number an ace.