Expert [adjective]

Definition of Expert:

knowledgeable, proficient

Synonyms of Expert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expert:

Sentence/Example of Expert:

Postal workers and independent experts say that has caused mail to pile up in post offices and caused multiday delays in localities across the country.

She added that she felt Pence’s top officials often showed derision toward the administration’s medical experts.

His suspicions are out of step with the views of election experts and many within his own party, who are building large-scale vote-by-mail programs.

Unless we have a dermatologist, a doctor, an expert co-sign that product, we don’t cover it.

States have broad power — known as “police power” — to protect public health in an emergency, even when doing so infringes on individual liberties, legal experts say.

Biden received his briefing virtually from experts who appeared on a large screen that was set up inside the downtown theater where he spoke.

Before his remarks Tuesday, Biden is scheduled to receive a briefing from public health experts, according to his campaign.

Most experts believe a scientifically credible vaccine for the novel coronavirus will not be available until at least early 2021, and vaccine manufacturers insist they will not be rushed for political considerations.

Our advice was drawn from interviews with health authorities and experts in countries that were successfully battling the pandemic.

And having an enormous appetite he was fortunate in being expert at finding angleworms.