Facile [adjective]

Definition of Facile:

easy; easily mastered

Synonyms of Facile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facile:

Sentence/Example of Facile:

But he was a man of marked executive ability, and when occasion demanded he wielded a facile and ready pen.

But the notion may very well be of older date than this period of facile illustration.

For the second time I felt my facile invention sitting somewhat less easily on me.

Indeed, Chopin even found fault with the master where he is universally regarded as facile princeps.

Wherever you go you will hear, in tram or car, the facile gossip of literature.

He belonged to the literary class of which, perhaps, Southey may be regarded as facile princeps.

We get as tired of his simple inertia as he of the simple facile sweetness of Bessie's kisses.

By this facile reference of the initiative to the wisest one, the shepherd is served most.

He loved them all, and painted them with swift, telling strokes of his facile pen.

My old philosophy, simple and proud, yielded to the worldly wisdom of the facile luxury which surrounded me.