Effortless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Effortless:

A spirited ode to chasing breezy vibes, lead singer Elbie Thrie insouciant, yet flavorful verses balances out Joey’s effortless rhymes.

Fawns, bucks, and does jockey back and forth in their quick race across the prairie, legs blurred, bodies flowing forward with effortless efficiency.

From there, she used the Plant Genius Based Serum to help brighten the skin and reveal an effortless glow.

The base of the cleaning wand is constructed to swivel, allowing for effortless maneuvering around corners and furniture, and the ergonomic handle includes a hanging storage hook as well as a floor surface mode switch.

Whether we’re talking about breathing patterns, running cadence, or the content of your thoughts, the characteristics of good runners all seem to contain an element of effortless action.

The big car warmed his heart with its perfect performance, its smooth, effortless speed, its ease of handling.

He would turn down unfrequented corners and sail by unfamiliar terraces, aware of nothing but the languors of effortless motion.

With a couple of effortless bounds, the blackcat reached the trunk and slipped up it with the ease and speed of a blacksnake.

He broke into an effortless trot, his boots padding lightly on the shining gray floor.

His swarthy face was flushed, and its constant smile was effortless; for he had schooled himself to adapt the mood to the hour.