Painless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Painless:

Here in this little gulch was all he sought; here were peace and painless sleep.

It had been said the death was painless, but that was Government propaganda.

And if so, are they not to be preferred to other modes of training because they are painless?

I could scarcely believe that I had spent three painless hours.

She sighed a gentle, painless sigh, and smiled again like a saint.

His end was as peaceful and painless as his life had been innocent and beneficial.

Here, therefore, we should have no room for sensation, and death would be painless.

The rest of us degenerate in a painless paralysis we think of as pleasure.

And in the end—most fearful thought of all—in the end, painless.

Teeth had to be filled, and there was no painless dentistry.