Damaging [adjective]

Definition of Damaging:

hurtful to reputation

Synonyms of Damaging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damaging:

Sentence/Example of Damaging:

As investors become more risk-averse, industry insiders expect that the funding slowdown to prove most damaging for young companies as venture capital likely tilts towards established startups with proven business models.

Credit Suisse is struggling to move beyond one of the most damaging episodes in its recent history after it spied on star banker Iqbal Khan, who was leaving for rival UBS Group AG.

Extreme one-off events can be far more damaging for companies and societies at large.

Murthy had found compelling the argument that loneliness was increasing and that loneliness can be damaging, even physiologically damaging.

To suggest that it’s the most damaging environmental thing we do is, I think, a pretty extreme overstatement.

He missed no opportunity of thwarting and damaging the Government which had saved him from the gallows.

That officer hurled his troops against Sherman's breastworks, and suffered a damaging defeat.

For one thing, she had kept to the truth when she might have made her hints more damaging by a little exaggeration.

The nocturnal mischief of damaging or destroying a neighbor's corn.

Seiler thinks that only the Trojans used the battle-axe; perhaps for damaging the ships: he follows the scholiast.