Detrimental [adjective]

Definition of Detrimental:

damaging, disadvantageous

Synonyms of Detrimental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detrimental:

Sentence/Example of Detrimental:

Sometimes they are detrimental to the virus, and that lineage will quickly die off.

Ultimately those services proved detrimental to restaurants, even those that never signed on for their services in the first place.

There’s been consistent coverage of their detrimental impact on workers ever since the phrase “gig economy” was first uttered, but the pandemic has increased the public’s awareness of exactly how they harm the restaurant industry.

This was despite such flying being so detrimental to mental and physical wellbeing, let alone productivity given total door-to-door time wasted and even jet lag, he said.

Procurement shouldn’t be a bad thing for senior marketers and subsequently agencies but there’s no doubt it can have a detrimental impact on some pitches.

The detrimental effects of changing hormones typically begin with perimenopause, soon after estrogen levels begin to fall.

So it stands to reason then that periods may have a detrimental impact on a woman’s sports performance.

As a good-looking young bachelor, though a detrimental, he had been very popular.

According to this comparison, we have a right to reject it, if we find it detrimental to the welfare of mankind.

I suggested that it might be possible to get a secure twenty thousand a year by at least detrimental methods—socially speaking.