Deleterious [adjective]

Definition of Deleterious:

harmful, damaging

Synonyms of Deleterious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deleterious:

Sentence/Example of Deleterious:

Opium-smoking is a vice not only deleterious in itself, but one indulged in merely to satisfy a morbid craving.

It is evident that some cases are completely cured and that no deleterious influence remains.

Freedom from the deleterious action or habit-forming tendencies of the opiates.

The easier an act is, the more readily, if it is deleterious, will popular sentiment build a protective wall around it.

Tobacco smoke is more deleterious than ale, teetotaller; bile more potent than brandy.

Exceptions may be made in some few cases, where a vein of water is impregnated with some deleterious mineral substance.

There is probably no practice, more deleterious, than that of allowing children to eat at short intervals, through the day.

Because of their deleterious tendency, severe study as well as arduous and protracted manual labor ought to be avoided.

Marshall Ward and others have shown that the blue, violet and ultra-violet rays, but no others, are deleterious to bacteria.

Here Mr. Scarborough raised himself in part, and spoke in that strong voice which was supposed to be so deleterious to him.