Destroying [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Destroying:

However, as the spring began in the very heart of the village, they could not take it without destroying the village.

French evacuated Almeida, after destroying everything, and the next day they abandoned Portugal entirely.

She did not realize that a passion for a business enterprise, as for a woman, is capable of destroying the balance of any man.

This higher authority, which no legislature could "overleap without destroying its own foundation," was the British Constitution.

The horn worm, if large, eats the leaves in the finest part of them, frequently destroying half of a leaf.

But here, as at Pevensey, the sea receded several miles, destroying Winchelsea's harbor.

The fumes of the sulphur have the effect of destroying the color, or whitening the straw.

These Indians were so fierce, and warlike, and wasteful, they went about destroying everything.

The poison of an infectious disease kills by splitting and destroying the nuclei of the body's cells.

Arnold, after destroying Crown Point, retired to Ticonderoga.