Aiding [verb]

Definition of Aiding:

help, support

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Opposite/Antonyms of Aiding:

Sentence/Example of Aiding:

More than half of respondents also reported needing and not receiving financial aid.

While there is broad consensus among most economists that more aid is needed—and soon—getting a deal passed in the lame-duck session before 2021 is looking like a tall order.

Use a rinse aid if you have hard water, and set the dishwasher on a non-heated drying cycle.

The loan, which is part of the emergency airline aid package approved in March, allows Sun Country to receive federal assistance without having to tap big backers such as Amazon and Apollo for the additional help.

In 2017, her department hit Amazon with a $294 million back-tax bill for its Luxembourg operations, on the basis that the company got a sweetheart deal from local tax authorities that amounted to illegal state aid.

McConnell said earlier this week that he could support some state and local aid as part of a new relief package, an apparent concession to Democrats who have made that a central demand.

McConnell added that aid for state and local governments could be on the table.

McConnell said a deal could include state and local aid, which Democrats have long advocated for.

Instead, they said, the city will be more reliant on state and federal funds for housing and homelessness and will lack the additional matching funds that might have helped the city increase the impact of any future influxes of aid.

Also, the Politics Report was updated with more information from Sara Jacobs’ campaign for Congress about her position on aid to Israel.