Hinder [verb]

Definition of Hinder:

prevent, slow down

Synonyms of Hinder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hinder:

Sentence/Example of Hinder:

The asset cap has hindered Wells Fargo’s ability to keep up with its competitors among major banks.

Both of which, it said, may hinder its ability to effectively target and measure ads.

Itchy as producers are about getting back to work, they are wary of the rising number of coronavirus cases that could compromise that return, which is already hindered by the changes being made to facilitate it.

Now, the city’s democracy activists fear that Apple is again actively hindering the protest movement.

It also takes time and effort to develop data-sharing mechanisms such as systems that can store test results anonymously without hindering their accessibility.

Look out for render-blocking resources, inefficient code, unused CSS and other page speed or site speed issues that may be hindering your performance.

This alone could hinder the execution of his appointment, for in other things he has excellent qualifications for the dignity.

Don't tell me; I know: you don't want me to go, and take every mean advantage to hinder me.

Who was he, indeed, that he should claim the right to thwart another's happiness, hinder another's best self-realisation?

He doubted whether it lay in his power now to hinder anything, but in any case he would not seek to do so.