Crimp [verb]

Definition of Crimp:

fold or curl

Synonyms of Crimp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crimp:

Sentence/Example of Crimp:

Whether or not Black Hood's unexpected appearance at that meeting had put a crimp in those plans, he did not know.

On this particular summer afternoon Cove City was less out of crimp than usual.

Ruth was always keyed up about something—delighted, and Cy was always "putting a crimp" in things.

Some of the men thought we ought to be vindictive and take every opportunity to put a crimp in the business for the owners.

They say he give a screech that'd put a crimp in the devil himself, and went galloping off, jumping about twenty feet at a lick.

A crimp is one who brings recruits to the army or sailors to ships by false inducements.

A crimping-iron, will crimp ruffles beautifully, with very little time or trouble.

And when that hour came, he would take a crimp out of this calm-eyed woman, or the heavens themselves would fall!

It wasn't argument—but just the same it somehow put a crimp in Swinburne!

The way Im in wrong with the college, and now this new rough-house with Laura, will certainly put the crimp in me.