Wave [noun]

Definition of Wave:

sea surf, current

Synonyms of Wave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wave:


Sentence/Example of Wave:

He lifted Dennet on his shoulder, and bade her wave her parchment.

Her pity for Priscilla went through and through her in wave after wave.

Her heart ascended on a wave of thanks to the giver of song.

"That's all right, my boy," cried Yates loftily, with a wave of his hand.

The wave of humanity that swept down the steps carried Mike in its front wash.

The officers spring to their feet, wave their swords, and cheer loudly.

From the wave of sound words spattered out and up like spray.

It always seemed to Ariston as though a wave had thrown him there.

Just now a wave of religion is sweeping over some of the Southern States.

He looked up with his never-failing smile of welcome and a wave of his hand.