Rocking [verb]

Definition of Rocking:

move back and forth

Synonyms of Rocking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rocking:

Sentence/Example of Rocking:

You'll find him rocking the cradle of Tippoo Wellington, my youngest son!

And Margaret would sit in the rocking while he cut the leaves and found the place.

To-night—to-night, he is rocking just the same, in silence, in loneliness.

If she wasn't feeding him, she was changing him; if she wasn't bathing him she was rocking him to sleep.

"Don't you say it, if you do think it," said her aunt, sinking into a chair and rocking vigorously.

While speaking in this fashion she walked to and fro, rocking the baby in her arms.

I'm doing it now—if my writing joggles now and then it is because I am rocking.

He sat in the rocking chair and waited for the doctor who had promised to come—and yet might not come.

The sun had risen, while they sat, rocking on their frail support.

His boat was rocking on the tide-top and he seemed to be looking at her.