Jog [verb]

Definition of Jog:

activate, push

Synonyms of Jog:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jog:

Sentence/Example of Jog:

On a warmer afternoon jog, it was extremely breathable and comfortable over a tank.

If you’re out for a jog with no one around or on a walk outside with a friend, a simple two- or three-layer cloth mask is fine.

Another time my mom had taken him to the beach and he went for a jog.

If you’re using your wireless earbuds while you’re on the move—maybe at work, or during a jog on a hot day—they’ll be coming into contact with your sweat due to their small size and location on your head.

Whether it’s a windy, riverside bike ride or a jog up a steep San Francisco hill, chances are, your mind—not to mention your body—will thank you for it.

How I do wish sometimes to give Ritchie a jog, when there is some stumbling-block that he sticks fast at.

Thus fortified with wisdom, he calmly looks the evil in the face, and lets it not disturb his little jog-trot existence.

In order to get this off his pole, he would jog one end of the pole on the ground until the “biscuit” would slide off.

Jack Harvey, waiting a moment longer to rest, started off on an easy jog-trot back to camp.

From time to time the slave-drivers would jog them along with a few lashes from a four-cornered "hippo" hide kiboko, or whip.