Agitate [verb]

Definition of Agitate:

shake physically

Synonyms of Agitate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agitate:

Sentence/Example of Agitate:

California-based Lost Spirits uses a chemical reactor, while Ohio-based Cleveland Whiskey places its spirits in tanks together with barrel wood, then agitates the mixture and applies pressure.

At the same time, TV ad buyers are growing agitated by linear TV’s supply and demand dynamic.

Voters’ short-term memory is why we’re seeing Democrats agitating to take action.

By that night, protesters and demonstrators gathered to express their outrage, and were further agitated as police pepper-sprayed them.

That’s been true for YouTube stars who have agitated against its content-recommendation and advertising algorithms as well as Vine stars who saw Twitter allow that platform to wither away.

I suppose they didn't want to agitate the duke until the last moment and couldn't find Harold until this morning.

This is a painful thought, which, I believe, does much agitate his Majesty now and afterwards.

She herself continued to agitate Cecil and the council by the favours she lavished on Leicester.

These, and other more subtile questions--like the nature of angels--began to agitate the convent in the ninth century.

That question we are too wise to agitate, until the country recovers somewhat from the anxieties and perplexities of the war.