Tranquilize [verb]

Definition of Tranquilize:

make calm, quiet

Synonyms of Tranquilize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tranquilize:

Sentence/Example of Tranquilize:

This tranquilized his spirit, and with this he sought to tranquilize the widow too.

Tranquilize yourself: at the proper time you will see him again.

Surely these ought to satisfy your heart and tranquilize your mind.

It cannot fail to emancipate the heart and tranquilize the conscience.

It is eminently calculated to tranquilize the heart, come what may.

The next day the person who arrested me came to tranquilize me.

Next, excite the house with another spoonful of Fultonian fact, then tranquilize them again with another barrel of illustration.

The Jewish religion is the one best suited to tranquilize the mind; it is very philosophical and rational.

The settlers therefore, regardless of political sentiment, united in an effort to tranquilize matters.

Everyone talked loudly to the pitcher, as much, perhaps, to tranquilize his own nerves as to encourage Mason.