Aggravate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Aggravate:

While the argument for using dark text on light backgrounds is fairly strong, however, the argument that it makes the experience aggravating for some also holds true.

The problem is, if you have too many redirects on your site, you can start to aggravate your site visitors.

He had the innate slant of mind that properly belongs to a moderator of mass meetings called to aggravate a crisis.

You judged us both as undesirables, therefore any attempt at explanation would, I know, only aggravate our offence in your eyes.

The internal divisions, too, aggravate our weakness; and now, even Most has turned apostate.

Menstruation may aggravate goitre, uterine fibroid tumours, skin diseases, and affections of the blood vessels.

Symptoms should not be mistaken for causes, but pelvic diseases at least aggravate a tendency toward mental unbalance.

The great use of metaphorical language is to convey, or to aggravate the impression or sentiment which an object creates.

There was a spice of contempt in Chivey's tone which appeared rather to aggravate Señor Velasquez.

They antedate questions, and thus in all cases aggravate the difficulty of answering them satisfactorily.