Provoke [verb]

Definition of Provoke:

make angry

Synonyms of Provoke:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provoke:

Sentence/Example of Provoke:

All of them, at the same time, are afraid of Mr. Lovelace; yet not afraid to provoke him!

The proper business of an ‘agent provocateur’ is to provoke.

The worst of it was, I did not provoke him as much as I expected.

I told him I had hitherto spared him, but wished him not to provoke me further.

Nay, says she, since you provoke me, I will mention one instance.

Ah, you provoke me with these refinements; you turn from a happiness you have but to demand.

It was a dinner to provoke an appetite, though he had not had one.

Have a care, Jinkins, ere you provoke a desperate man to frenzy!

Some of the inscriptions were so artless as to provoke a smile.

But will you promise me, Phil, whatever she says—you won't let her provoke you this day.