Inflame [verb]

Definition of Inflame:

anger, aggravate

Synonyms of Inflame:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inflame:

Sentence/Example of Inflame:

The coronavirus crisis has not only inflamed long-simmering inequities, economists say, it has resulted in the most unequal holiday season in decades.

Faulconer and police officials have said they wanted to prevent the unsanitary conditions that once inflamed the hepatitis A outbreak and threatened both homeless San Diegans and the rest of the community.

We decided we weren’t going to listen anymore to the shouting cynics, to the foreign bots in a warehouse overseas paid to inflame our hatred of one another.

The air where I was visiting reached over 350 on the Air Quality Index, a level deemed hazardous, inflaming my asthma.

Despite this, they have been met with national guardsman armed with rubber bullets and egged on by a president seemingly determined to inflame the situation.

None of these liquids should be taken hot, but lukewarm; when hot they inflame the stomach, and produce indigestion.

When a reciprocal love shall inflame my veins, then my lips will grow purple, and my kisses will be of fire!

Their beauty, grace, and bewitching manner inflame the heart and imagination of all that set their eyes on them.

In these they found good wines, which served to inflame their blood; and then their shout was, 'Hutchinson!

This served to inflame them exceedingly, every man considering it as if it had been a plot against himself in particular.