Arouse [verb]

Definition of Arouse:

excite, entice

Synonyms of Arouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arouse:

Sentence/Example of Arouse:

The student who does not intend to arouse himself need hope for no keen sense of beauty.

If he had set out to arouse emotion in these two sluggish breasts he had done so with a vengeance.

All arouse themselves, thinking at first that it is a fire; but the master of the house springing up, throws the window open.

Her soul, untouched by human passion or human skill, demands the power of god-like genius to arouse it.

Evidently the stranger was not impressed by Scattergood in a manner to arouse him to a notable exertion of courtesy.

Day by day it disturbed him less, until at last it did not arouse him at all, although it sounded as loudly as ever.'

He used forceful language to arouse interest in reforms in which only a minority of the Virginians believed at the time.

The impractical view of life which art seemed to demand of its devotees was enough to arouse suspicion, if not her actual dislike.

In fact, the pressing and tender solicitations of his mother could alone arouse him from his apathy or his gloomy reveries.

He wanted to make enquiries about her, but feared to arouse suspicion of having too keen an interest in her.