Dissuade [verb]

Definition of Dissuade:

talk out of

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissuade:

Sentence/Example of Dissuade:

On the islands, the toads may have become smaller since there are fewer hungry predators to dissuade, Buehler says.

Over time, some websites added this attribute to other parts of their content, if not their entire website to dissuade marketers from trying to get links on their websites for SEO purposes only.

FBI officials managed to dissuade people in several places from their suspected plans, a senior FBI official said — but there was not enough evidence to issue arrest warrants.

Allergic reactions to coronavirus vaccinations remain rare and should not dissuade Americans from being vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.

When potential customers will look for your website, they will most probably first meet a warning page that will dissuade them from visiting your site.

For almost 10 years, the NCAA has been trying to dissuade teams from returning the kind of kick McCall caught, all while refusing to eliminate the kickoff entirely.

The pair will prepare for rain and mild temperatures Saturday — not that conditions would ever dissuade them.

Concerns about shortages may dissuade people, according to Bednarczyk, so health networks should offer patients backup locations at which to get their second shot in case the first location is running low.

The argument, however, has hardly dissuaded the company’s critics, including those in Congress, who found reason for suspicion after concluding their own antitrust investigation this year.

Dropping one’s prices every few months, for example, might dissuade an upfront partner from making big investments in the future.