Warn [verb]

Definition of Warn:

give notice of possible occurrence

Opposite/Antonyms of Warn:

Sentence/Example of Warn:

But there was nothing to warn me; he never spoke of love; I never thought of it.

What is to be said about neglecting to warn or assist others?

And Molly Abrahamson used to warn him to keep out of her father's way.

Yet, I warn you, appearances are deceitful; he is always drunker than he looks.

Among other matters he writes this: 'I warn all brethren in England to be careful.

"And we thank you much for coming to warn us," murmured Margaret.

I warn you, then, that I have imposed upon you a difficult, a dangerous task.

The utmost we can do is, to warn you in time, and to give you an opportunity of escaping them.

He's come back; but I guess I don't need to warn ye agin' him.

And if I did not warn you of it, it was because I believed in some deep design on your part.