Laud [verb]

Definition of Laud:

acclaim, praise

Synonyms of Laud:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laud:

Sentence/Example of Laud:

Illustrius mult est id quod sequitur, & ad Barbaror sensum in Baptismi laud singulare.

He was the friend of Laud, by whose influence he was promoted, and by whose fall he was a great sufferer.

The Long Parliament voted the canons illegal; Laud was imprisoned, and in 1642 the bishops were excluded from parliament.

You find me, count, taking a professional and business-like survey of the laud that you promised to sell me.

In the reign of king Charles I. archbishop Laud put the king upon republishing this declaration, which was accordingly done.

Laud was a prodigy of parts and learning over whose tomb Art and Genius still continued to weep.

Four years later he died at Oxford, on his way to London, whither Laud had invited him.

The general health has been excellent, our harvests have been abundant, and plenty smiles throughout the laud.

Milder than Aleander, he thought it best to gain the Elector by flattery, and began to laud him and his ancestors.

The good that Laud did by his gifts—and he was a munificent patron of learning—he destroyed by his dogmatism.