Hymn [noun]

Definition of Hymn:

religious song

Synonyms of Hymn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hymn:


Sentence/Example of Hymn:

It played the first notes of Amazing Grace, a hymn and a political declaration alike that stands as a testimonial for forgiveness and redemption.

In her hymn to good cooking, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, the chef and writer Samin Nosrat describes fat as the element that “carries flavor.”

But at last, as he was on the point of dropping asleep, Madame Torvestad proposed that they should conclude with a hymn.

As soon as the hymn was finished, the daughters of the house brought in tea and bread and butter.

La Source composed a beautiful hymn, adapted to a sweet and solemn air, which they called their evening service.

But when he had finished, Sivert Jespersen, with a cringing smile, said: "I think now we had better sing a hymn."

Nobody ventured to touch the dessert, and, after the hymn, the old dyer read a grace after meat.

There they all sit in a row on the garden-fence, singing her a morning hymn to pay her for their crumbs of bread.

It is a hymn of sorrow over the woes of France, a prayer of humility and resignation after the disaster of 1870.

Satisfied by their mutual affection, everything in nature and humanity sang a perpetual hymn of happiness and love.