Flatter [verb]

Definition of Flatter:

compliment excessively

Synonyms of Flatter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flatter:

Sentence/Example of Flatter:

Cut to flatter athletic bodies, it sandwiches a layer of Alpha between two ripstop nylon face fabrics.

Rachel van Til, a wine director near Detroit, recalls being flattered when Kruth reached out online to offer to help with her work.

Senators flatter themselves by believing their obstruction is all that stands between the country and catastrophe.

In the last few decades, the received wisdom among global elites has been that technology tends to make the world flatter, smaller, more open, and more equal.

She seemed to imply that I was a modest soldier, and if there is a way to flatter a man it is to call him modest.

He urged, that it would flatter the peculiarities of her character, and might conciliate her good offices for his liberty.

He afterwards enlarged his model and adopted a flatter pattern, and arrived at the greatest perfection about 1700.

We arrive then at this one certain fact, that the flatter the model of a violin the greater the probability of a good fine tone.

I don't profess to know anything about business, but I flatter myself that I understand my fellow men.

In consequence of this, this particular note will be sounding flatter in pitch than it ought to do.