Soften [verb]

Definition of Soften:

calm, soothe

Synonyms of Soften:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soften:

Sentence/Example of Soften:

"I'll put a rubber bit in his mouth, to soften it," he pumped brokenly.

I asked, more to soften the effect of Marvin's brutal remark than anything else.

Enough, you are happy, and I shall be so too, when God pleases to soften this blow.

That it could soften or relent, appeared next to impossible.

At first indeed he had hoped to soften Benedetta, and throw her into Luigi's arms.

I do not seek to soften you, to move you—I simply tell you the naked truth.

She tried to soften me, but that, of course (as I told her), was lost time.

You must write again, my little girl—say all you can to soften him.

Would you not soften a trifle, loosen a whit, if only for the sake of your blood-circulation?

Then she would fawn on her aunt all day, hoping to soften her and keep her from telling.