Cushion [noun]

Definition of Cushion:

pillow, pad

Synonyms of Cushion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cushion:


Sentence/Example of Cushion:

The best memory foam mattresses will often have layers of varying densities, with a high-density base for greater longevity and optimal assistance with improving your circulation, and a lower-density layer on top for cushion and comfort.

When all your stocks are going down, Treasury bonds, foreign currencies, and gold can provide you with a safety cushion.

So be as soft a cushion as you can without muffling the truth.

The chairs have dense cushions and a footrest bar for kicking back and relaxing.

With non-slip material and an elastic band, this seat cushion is suitable for any chair.

That extra money can provide a cushion during a potential economic slowdown.

You should replace your pillow every one to two years to make sure it provides enough support, and prevents your head and neck from sinking too far into the cushion.

For those who run like this, however, shoes with more cushion and flexibility are ideal.

Still, Democrats may have more of a cushion here than in other states.

Working part time in retirement can provide a nice cushion or even some fun money.