Sham [adjective]

Definition of Sham:

artificial, counterfeit

Synonyms of Sham:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sham:

Sentence/Example of Sham:

But women must beware of sham emotion and lachrymose sentimentality.

Will this country ever escape the tutorship of sham science?

And whether the one or the other, it is a sham more pernicious than the worst.

It is only sham battles that cost something less than blood.

It is a veritable 'sham,' having no relation to fact, or to truth of any kind.

You come to me on this sham errand about the girl, but that is not your purpose, Mohammed of Mequinez!

Some one nearer than a sister—and all my spiritual life has been a sham.

He cried like a child; said it was all a sham about his dinner and his robe de chambre.

Could I, even for an instant, have been dazzled by a sham, and a sham of that quality?

It was the stone in the case that had the loop with the three sham sapphires!