Spurious [adjective]

Definition of Spurious:

counterfeit, fake

Synonyms of Spurious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurious:

Sentence/Example of Spurious:

There is, however, a good deal of spurious family affection.

"The spurious China Joe and one other man escaped in a car," Ned reported.

The State is not to be forgotten for some spurious personal individuality.

There were the eyes that fell away before the spurious effrontery of her own glance.

Some of the spurious Greek works of the Hippocratic collection have also case notes.

Dr. Munro will not suspend his judgment: the objects, he declares, are spurious.

The explanations given by the rabbis of our day are spurious.

He had, in his wanderings, obtained a formula for the manufacture of spurious brandy.

They are now forced to place this spurious article in the field.

What a tragedy when she discovers him for a spurious Othello!