Apocryphal [adjective]

Definition of Apocryphal:

questionable; fake

Synonyms of Apocryphal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apocryphal:

Sentence/Example of Apocryphal:

It had become an apocryphal tale of sex, violence and the culture of impunity at elite institutions.

Although apocryphal, Sigmund Freud supposedly remarked, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” which was meant to suggest that cigars are not always phallic symbols.

This, after a possibly apocryphal story about a man who had a knitting needle unceremoniously stabbed through his penis, preventing both his escape and his avoidance of appearing in a sex column 40 years later.

The apocryphal gospels contain many, and some are preserved by Persian and Arabian poets.

Ice of such thickness on Lake Luna at this early date, however, surprised even that apocryphal person, the oldest inhabitant.

It also led to the conception of the marvelous legend of the cross in the apocryphal gospels and ancient traditions.

These last are of interest as indicating a familiar acquaintance with the apocryphal books in the early centuries.

Our author cites likewise some of her accusers, and considers most of the current sayings against her as apocryphal.

For the later period, however, to which Aristides himself belongs, these apocryphal scales are a document of some importance.

He never thought of the apocryphal day when he, being laid in his grave, should at last win the gratitude of his son.