Doubtless [adverb]

Definition of Doubtless:

certainly; most likely

Synonyms of Doubtless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doubtless:

Sentence/Example of Doubtless:

Pete Buttigieg, doubtless, welcomes this “first,” but it will not define him.

As there are still many varieties of the plant grown in America, so there doubtless was when cultivated by the Indians.

Judged from this point of view only, the elasticity provided by the new law is doubtless adequate.

Doubtless the commentator habit is fixed in the nature of man; but it was pre-eminently mediaeval.

So intelligent were her methods that she doubtless had great influence in making the memory of his art enduring.

After the Reserve Banks have been in operation long enough to be running smoothly, not a few branches will doubtless be organized.

All this will, doubtless, throw a number of deserving persons out of employ.

Imitation of the ways of their elders doubtless plays a part here, but it is aided by an instinct for adornment.

Such is the opinion of this Correspondent to the Times, and it is doubtless the opinion of a fair and just majority.

As you are doubtless aware, between civilians the small-sword, the rapier and the pistol are what are usually employed.