Assuredly [adverb]

Definition of Assuredly:

without a doubt

Synonyms of Assuredly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assuredly:

Sentence/Example of Assuredly:

Each lead type comes with a color-coded pencil, so if you need all four sizes, you can rest assured you’ll never get confused about which is which.

Assuredly, this was an occasion when the sacrifice of a few minutes might avoid the grave risk of a breakdown after daybreak.

"I think this is assuredly worth looking into, Jack," said Rossmore Ford, slowly.

If the business of such offices were worked and carried out in a "proper spirit," it would assuredly be "a success."

But for the dagger on which he caught its edge, the blade had assuredly pierced the captain's heart.

Puffin as an engaged man might be somewhat less divine, but he would be assuredly more human.

Tastes must not be disputed, but such scenes as these would, assuredly, not be tolerated at one of our country fairs.

It is assuredly neither true nor likely, and has remained in the later editions of this book only because it was put in the first.

Diseases, like tuberculosis and cancer, that run a long but assuredly fatal course, usually terminate unexpectedly.

It is, assuredly, beyond the reach of human power to prevent the liberty of thought; and no sovereign can interfere with money.