Surely [adverb]

Definition of Surely:

without doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Surely:

Sentence/Example of Surely:

Surely those are not the steps that lead down toward the bath?

Surely there must have been God's intent in the making of this new-world Republic.

The only man in the world, surely, that could offer so much, and deserve so little!

But she cannot surely be so mean as to purchase her peace with them at so dear a rate.

He won't go this day, for the young priest will stop him surely.

The Universal Father could surely not do otherwise than bless all alike.

Surely, so far, the things for which both he and I were chosen were parallel.

Surely, sir, you should take shame to hold the damsel against her will.

The claims of love cannot surely obliterate those of friendship!

Surely I see the red pile of Chandos at the head of yonder squadron!