Plainly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Plainly:

Plainly, too, he was a man of action and a man who engaged all her instinctive liking.

Plainly the central idea of secession is the essence of anarchy.

The intention is, I tell you plainly, to mortify you into a sense of your duty.

There were things that had to be said; it did not much matter who said them provided they were said plainly.

The young lord did what he pleased, and spoke his mind as plainly as the footpad.

Moreover, what was so real for her was only too plainly a lark for him.

It hadn't been so long since she had told him plainly how little she liked him.

So she sat on the edge of the bed and began to talk quietly, plainly, reasonably.

I dared not press him with more questions; but after an interval he said plainly: "She is not there now."

It was of them that Herkimer spoke, plainly enough, though he gave no names.