Questionably [adverb]

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His powers and purposes are questionably beneficent, at best.

Plumage exactly like that of Kumlien Gull and questionably a new species.

But, except to the insatiables of "what happened next," these parts are as questionably important as they are decidedly doubtful.

Long, however, ere they reached Ostia, the night had fallen; and their situation began to be more than questionably safe.

It may be observed that, in a Fragment, he questionably personifies Pelasgus.

She knew that a visitor was coming, and the questionably white wrapper had been exchanged for an ordinary dress.

This questionably honest couple were both supposed to be clever men of business, but Fendant was more slippery than Cavalier.

The unjust steward was a knave, but he was in earnest; and so was the questionably honest man who found treasure in a field.

Trionyx carinatus is questionably listed as a synonym of ferox by Stejneger (1944:27).

Webb and Legler (1960:24) questionably referred this record to the synonomy of T. ater, which resembles muticus.