Distinctly [adverb]

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A brilliant insight that emerges again and again from the book, though never articulated as such, is that it is hard to imagine stigma without a constellation of beliefs that are distinctly Western and Judeo-Christian.

The mouth is distinctly shaped like a straw, the better to poke into the body of its prey, like a juice box, and slurp out the guts.

Edward Miller, Founder, Scape Technologies, UKCovered in cameras, sensors, and a distinctly spaceship looking laser system, Google’s autonomous vehicles were easy to spot when they first hit public roads in 2015.

With a lack of information that distinctly shows which retirement home is better, families will often select an option based on price.

It has a distinctly hard-to-squish shape, notes David Kisailus.

“I remember very distinctly the time when we found a neural network that actually solved the task,” he said.

I distinctly remember the day I found myself sitting at the kitchen table, talking on the phone with my father about where to go to college.

It was true that his sight had grown accustomed to the obscurity, for he could now see the baron's features much more distinctly.

I tell you, madam, most distinctly and emphatically, that it is bread pudding and the meanest kind at that.'

In her he felt again, more distinctly than before, another person—division, conflict.