Easily [adverb]

Definition of Easily:

without difficulty

Opposite/Antonyms of Easily:

Sentence/Example of Easily:

If the winch you have has a steel cable already on it, you can buy an aftermarket winch rope and easily replace it.

At 18 by 15 by 14 inches, it can hold both letter and legal file folders easily.

Prescribed burns on forest and park lands can cost more than $200 per acre, while thinning can easily top $1,000, depending on the terrain.

The problem here is that expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are not easily interpreted by the search algorithms, which only understand code.

McBride, who has worked as press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, is expected to easily win the general election in the Democratic district, which includes parts of Wilmington.

School is back after what might have easily been the wildest summer in the last 50 years, and lots of students are reconnecting with their classmates and teachers through a screen.

Add to that the people contending with wildfires and other risks, and the number of Americans who might move — though difficult to predict precisely — could easily be tens of millions larger.

The company, though, could easily make the claim that it’s protecting inventory by having a camera in the swag room.

In this way bundles of the plants are easily made, and in most cases these can be readily carried about.

The manifest annoyance of her household was thus easily accounted for, but he marveled at the strength of her bodyguard.