Steadily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Steadily:

As soon as we unloaded, it commenced to rain, and kept on steadily till midnight.

I must keep on steadily with Ted's Latin this fall and winter.

As she turned at the close of the service he was looking at her steadily.

"But I do not love you," Sidney replied, mentally but steadily.

The breach between Palmer and Christine was steadily widening.

Eileen looked at Linda steadily, trying to see to the depths of her soul.

The snow was falling quietly and steadily, as it had fallen all day.

"I've been over an' got our clock an' the rest of our things," said Amanda, steadily.

Good Indian took one long step over the ditch, and went on steadily.

Christian was steadily cheerful that morning, imperturbably practical.