Coolly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Coolly:

Some who would face a mad bull coolly enough spring with disgust from a cockroach or a centipede.

Again she hesitated and glanced rapidly at Sir Lucien, but he was staring coolly in another direction.

They coolly replied they would take a thousand apiece before noon on the following day, and ten thousand each in case of death.

"Kick a few uh his ribs out uh place for a starter," Piegan coolly advised.

When we advance, no matter the shelling we give them, they stand right up firing coolly and straight over their parapets.

The man did not appear very much cast down by this lack of courtesy, but bent over coolly and picked up his knife.

Sir Lucien cleared his throat again, then coolly extended his hand, once more master of his emotions.

With that he walked coolly into the roadway and stepped out leisurely towards the Lahore Gate.

Varney passed out presently, locking the door behind him as coolly as if he had been a gaoler.

Jack took one unmarried man, and then coolly proceeded to make his wild attempt.