Sedately [adverb]

Definition of Sedately:


Synonyms of Sedately:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sedately:


Sentence/Example of Sedately:

The French governess marched primly and sedately behind them.

“I am very much obliged to both of you,” returned Nettie sedately.

"I don't like to see young men too fond of money," she observed, sedately.

"Philip suits you very well," Miss Blair answered, sedately.

"That is not the surprise I have in store," returned Arabella sedately.

The effect of my vehemence was to brace him and make him sedately emphatic.

Stonor added a postscript to his letter, and sedately folded it.

Children were playing on sidewalks and doorsteps, sedately but happily.

"When you are as old as monsieur some one may call you 'dear old boy,' too," she said, sedately.

"I am so glad you have liked being here," she said sedately.