Calmly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Calmly:

Assistant coaches thought Hayes was calmer than usual, but they had no idea what he was enduring.

He recalled seeing priests risking their lives in the Dublin crossfire to administer the last rites to the dead, and remembered Pádraic Pearse as “a poet and a schoolteacher,” calm and composed even as he faced execution for his ideals.

Being outdoors on his farm was calming and took him back to something he enjoyed doing.

When little else could, games gave me calm distraction, good cheer or an emotional reset.

Every decision has been made in a calm manner, knowing it’s a journey.

When you pop or sip or chomp on a hallucinogen, this grid calms down, and its connections and oscillations change.

Stagnant, calm air accompanying high pressure that’s simply sitting over our region has kept an atmospheric lid on our air.

Once again, hormones surge, there’s a flurry of socializing, and even the calmest females will find themselves chasing one cocky heartthrob.

“A lot of people screamed and shouted, but they responded to the police when they told them to calm down,” Lawrence Garcia, a city attorney for Detroit, previously told The Washington Post.

Things have been relatively calm on that front since Reagan took office in the early 1980s.