Serenely [adverb]

Definition of Serenely:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Serenely:

Sentence/Example of Serenely:

"Accessible in two hundred years, all right," insisted Dick serenely.

"And no doubt perfectly able to afford it," remarked Edna, serenely.

Outside of the family circle, however, they were serenely reticent.

"You scold like a drunken fish-wife," said Lingard, serenely.

"Don't know, Jerry, and don't care," looking down at me serenely.

"Worth doesn't need to listen to me, Mr. Boyne," she said serenely.

Serenely he assumed possession of her, and the assumption was very sweet.

He was as serenely unconscious of this as of his several other nicknames.

"No reason to hurry, Lena," he said in his ordinary, serenely polite tones.

Heyst looked on serenely at this outburst, then lost his patience a little.