Tranquilly [adverb]

Definition of Tranquilly:


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Sentence/Example of Tranquilly:

But at each new obstacle Angelique tranquilly replied: "But why not?"

"It's the nature of the beast to run crazy," pursued Kingozi tranquilly.

By degrees he became so, and tranquilly walked back with me to the hotel.

Boche, who was on the watch this morning, saw him tranquilly nod adieu.

And tranquilly, ever since the morning, the King had been watching and waiting.

"Do get in, my dear girl," said Nana tranquilly, disdaining the onlookers.

"Oh, there's no fear of that," Monsieur Lebigre tranquilly replied.

The doctor then tranquilly resumed his visits, and he took the young girl with him.

She answered him as tranquilly as though no voice had been raised in anger in that room.

If he were but deaf, he thought, how tranquilly he would possess his soul!