Conveniently [adverb]

Definition of Conveniently:


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Sentence/Example of Conveniently:

“This probably wasn’t a convenient time for the New York team to come here, and it shows how selfless they are,” he said.

Waves of immigrants have joined friends and relatives who told them that it was a convenient place to live to find factory and warehouse work.

The ultimate goal here is to make getting a covid-19 vaccine as convenient as getting a flu shot.

It’s a convenient place to attend school and grab some breakfast or a snack, all while you have a great view of the ocean and mountains.

Testing has become more ubiquitous, but the clinics may not always be convenient.

Here’s a quick and convenient way of finding out whether you’re ready to run a two-hour marathon.

The model on sale today is still pleasantly lightweight and highly convenient to use with iOS devices, with an easy pairing process and rock-solid connection quality.

Kalalau, at the trail’s terminus, is an expansive valley with a lovely beach and convenient beachside waterfall for a post-hike shower.

This not only has the upside of keeping multiple digital lockers under one bill, but in some cases it’s also financially convenient.

These phone polls, he says, happen at a time that’s convenient to the pollster, and “to hell with the respondent.”